A Quiet Retreat No.2

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Everyone needed a quiet place for themselves - somewhere that belongs to them; a place to retreat and be still; to read, think, relax, be comfortable and calm. Perhaps through this personal space, all your most creative work and ideas flow.

A simple yet meticulously planned small footprint can accommodate everything you need for a personal, relaxing space.

We offer you here, a welcoming space that is eclectic in its design. . It's timeless style blends in perfectly in a traditional or transitional home and offers a wonderful place where anyone from any generation can escape.

We will give you -

1) a fabulous chair in which to curl up

2) a perfect side table to hold your drink of choice and your book

3) a sumptuously soft throw in which to wrap yourself

4) a good light to illuminate your space

5) a beautiful rug underfoot which delineates this cozy nook

5) a feathery soft pillow in which to sink yourself

6) a mirror which double as art

7) an original piece of art to be added to room or instead of mirror.

If an item is out of stock, or is one of a kind,we will endeavor to find a replacement from another vendor or something very similar. You may also choose to customize this package for a slightly increased fee.

Please note that the estimated total does not include taxes or shipping charges. Additionally, prices shown are not sale prices even though some items may be discounted.

_ If you would like to purchase your own, personal bespoke e-design package, similar to the one presented here, simply submit 4 photos of your room along with a completed questionnaire and we will send you 3 design options to you within one week._